Cultural Capital and Educational Attainment: A Comparative Analysis


  • Prof. Muhammad Ali Lahore University of Management Sciences


Cultural capital, Educational attainment, Social reproduction, Bourdieu, Social class, Comparative analysis, Educational policy, Meritocratic ideology


This article delves into the complex relationship between cultural capital and educational attainment, employing a comparative lens to analyze its manifestations and impacts across different social contexts. Drawing upon scholarly references and real-world examples, it critically examines the theoretical framework of cultural capital as proposed by Pierre Bourdieu, highlighting its strengths and limitations. The article then explores how cultural capital operates in diverse societies, considering factors like educational systems, social policies, and cultural norms. By comparing various national contexts, it sheds light on the nuanced interplay between cultural capital, family background, and educational outcomes. Finally, the article calls for a multi-faceted approach that acknowledges the dynamic nature of cultural capital and advocates for policy interventions and educational practices that can bridge the gap in educational attainment across social classes.