About the Journal

Introduction: The Social Science Review Archives is a prestigious scholarly journal dedicated to the comprehensive exploration and critical analysis of topics within the expansive field of social sciences. Serving as a repository of knowledge, this journal provides a platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to contribute to the interdisciplinary understanding of societal phenomena and human behavior.

Aims and Scope: The primary objective of the Social Science Review Archives is to publish research that spans the diverse landscape of the social sciences. The journal welcomes contributions from various disciplines, including sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, psychology, and interdisciplinary studies. It aims to showcase research that addresses contemporary societal challenges, advances theoretical frameworks, and contributes to evidence-based policymaking.

Editorial Focus: The journal maintains a broad editorial focus, encompassing a wide array of social issues, trends, and developments. Articles that explore the intersectionality of social factors, cultural dynamics, and global perspectives are encouraged. The aim is to foster a nuanced understanding of the complex interactions that shape human societies and to provide insights that contribute to positive social change.

Editorial Board: The Social Science Review Archives is guided by an esteemed editorial board comprising renowned scholars and experts from various social science disciplines. The board plays a pivotal role in maintaining the scholarly rigor of the journal, overseeing the peer-review process, and steering the thematic direction of the publication.

Publication Frequency: The journal is published biannually, ensuring a regular dissemination of new research findings and critical analyses. Each issue covers a diverse range of topics, reflecting the multifaceted nature of social science research and encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars.

Open Access Policy: In alignment with its commitment to knowledge dissemination, the Social Science Review Archives adheres to an open-access policy. This ensures that the wealth of research published in the journal is freely accessible to a global audience, fostering broader engagement and collaboration in the social sciences.

Submission Guidelines: Researchers interested in contributing to the Social Science Review Archives can find comprehensive submission guidelines on the official website. These guidelines cover manuscript preparation, citation styles, and other essential details to ensure a transparent and rigorous review process.